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Learning To Lucid Dream!

A Lucid Dream is a dream where the person sleeping becomes conscious and aware that they are dreaming. Once this consciousness is achieved, the dreamer is able to engage and even manipulate the dream as they desire. Since the dream is a re-creation from the dreamer's own mind, the possibilities of what can be done in the dream is limited only by their own imagination.

On this site, we have included 6 proven techniques that have helped many people master the ability to become lucid in their dreams. However, before you begin these techniques, it is recommended that you read The Lucid Dream Primer to provide you with the fundamental knowledge that will increase your chances of success with these techniques.

Lucid Dream Induction Techniques:

DILD Technique
Dream Induced Lucid Dream

WILD Technique
Wake Induced Lucid Dream

WBTB Technique
Wake Back To Bed Lucid Dream

DEILD Technique
Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream

EILD Technique
Electrically Induced Lucid Dream

MILD Technique
Mnemonically Induced Lucid Dream

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